Langley Association for Community Living


Inspiring a community where we all belong. 


The Langley Association for Community Living builds and strengthens community through advocacy, information and support. We provide services that improve quality of life for children with developmental or special needs and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.

Core Values

Moving Forward ~ embracing and driving change for the better

Person-focused Growth and Development ~ meeting needs and building capacity

Supportive Relationships ~ being connected and imagining what it must be like for each other

Community Building ~ engaging and contributing to “everyone has a place and role here”

Collaborative Creativity ~ joining forces to develop possibilities

What the Core Values Mean to LACL Participants

1.  Person-focused Growth and Development

person-centered | creating opportunities | promoting people | respect | trust | empathy | opportunities for individuals, families and staff to develop capacity / potential | one size does not fit all | taking the high road | keeping true to the individual | self-determination | risk, opportunity and safety all considered | participation | “see me”: who I am and want to be | understand both being independent and being with others


2.  Moving Forward

continuous improvement | excellence | forward moving | solution-focused | creative | evolving | taking the high road | taking on challenges | making it happen | creating opportunities | thinking bigger | difference maker | promoting good lives for people | innovative | leadership | “let’s find a way” | “the next right thing” | passionate | risk taker | innovation | learn from mistakes | taking action | doing what has not been done before | looking at organization, staff roles and responsibilities, and ideas in new and different ways


3.  Supportive Relationships

“helping me wear my shoes” | respect | caring | support | being valued | dependable | feeling safe | “I can relax now” | accountability | reliable | communication: sharing information in a timely way | listening and responsive | extending ourselves | networking | facilitated being connected | being there for each other | “see me” | always do the right thing | individuals and families are always first | available | fulfill our responsibilities | relationships | empathy | taking the high road


4.  Community Building

contribution | resource to community | inclusion: opening doors and minds | “everyone has a role and place here” | connecting | thinking bigger | creating opportunities | promoting individuals | giving back | individuals | want to contribute | taking the high road | community | staff wants to be part of something bigger than their job


5.  Collaborative Creativity

partnership | responsive | flexible | thinking out and developing possibilities | imagination | making it happen | teamwork | trust | relationships | fulfill our responsibilities | respect | taking the high road | collaboration

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